Let’s talk briefly about website hosting providers. Every veteran webmaster has their loyalties, and every up-and-coming webmaster ultimately needs low-cost, fast and reliable hosting.

Upon starting Debadge Design we undertook a massive amount of research into who, out of the many thousands of hosting providers out there, would provide the most comprehensive service. As a UK based business, a hosting company with servers operating within the UK was a priority. We then factored in our bandwidth needs, cost price and a few other variables and came to the conclusion that a company called TSO Host were the perfect match.

We have been with TSO Host for over 6 months now, and we felt our hosting package was due an upgrade due to our ever-growing network of websites. This is a completely automated procedure that takes no more than a few mouse clicks. As a result of this, our hosting solution is now fully up-to-date and capable of coping with our needs (for now!)

TSO Host offer a myriad of hosting options, with first class customer support… and we really cannot recommend them enough.

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Find out more: http://www.tsohost.co.uk