At Debadge Design, we’re crazy about website optimisation – almost to the point of obsession. When developing client websites we have our own in-house trade secrets to make websites blazing fast, including code best practices and behind-the-scenes tweaks. However, a very important factor in determining the speed of a website are images, or how well optimised they are, to be precise.

Images (along with bloated scripts), are probably the main reason why certain websites appear rather slow. This is due to the fact that along with the high-quality graphics that modern websites now feature, come rather large file sizes. Ever-increasing broadband speeds are somewhat negating this effect, but the responsibility lies with the webmaster for providing a truly optimised website.

One such tool we like to use for our image optimisation is an online service called Kraken. This little beauty of a tool is an absolute joy to use, and has some truly awesome image optimisation techniques. You can simply upload files to their server for on-the-fly optimisation, or you can feed them an existing website URL and it’ll automatically optimise every single image it can find on that particular page.

It provides you with a nice table-based list of results for each image it has optimised, including the before and after resulting file sizes. If you opt to feed it a URL for image optimisation, Kraken even gives you the option of preserving the website directory structure of the images when you download them. Awesome!

Kraken not only optimises images. For the code junkies out there, it also offers a full featured Code Minifier for JS, HTML and CSS files, an implementation of JSHint to optimise Javascript code and even a JSON Validator. For the more development inclined, they even provide their API to develop your own applications using Kraken tools. And remember, they’re providing these services for FREE! They don’t call themselves a “Web Optimiser” for nothing.

In case that isn’t enough awesomeness, Kraken also have browser add-ons for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers so you can optimise your images quicker than ever before!

Is your existing website a little on the slow side, or would you like an all-new, super-speedy website to call your own? Get in touch today and we’ll put you on the right track.