As big fans of open web standards, a small project has recently piqued our interests that goes by the name of  “humans.txt”. Put simply, it’s an initiative for getting to know the people who have contributed to building a website.

“We are people, not machines”

It’s nothing more than a simple text file that contains information about the different people who have contributed to building a website, and as web developers ourselves, we think this is a great idea. It is a non-intrusive way of showing authorship of a website that in no-way interferes with the core structure or code of the website itself.

The humans.txt file may contain details of the website developer(s), along with their Facebook and Twitter handles – and it may also list the technologies and software that have been used to develop a website. As a means of both contacting the developer(s) and discovering just how a website has been built, it is an invaluable resource.

All websites developed by Debadge Design will feature a humans.txt file, just as a nice way of bringing the “human” element into an otherwise technology orientated industry. You can view our own humans.txt file by clicking here.

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