Domain Names

Register and use a Domain Name with your website

Register your perfect Domain Name

All website design and development packages that we offer include ongoing Domain Name purchase management.

This means we’ll handle the registration, setup and maintenance of one Domain Name on your behalf included in your ongoing monthly fee.

We can provide one Domain Name of the following extensions with your website design and development contract: .com,, .net, .org, .biz, .info

If you wish to purchase additional Domain Names for your new website through Debadge Design, depending upon availability, you can choose a Domain Name with any of the extensions listed above. Extra Domain Names assigned to your website will be charged an additional monthly ongoing fee of £5.00 per Domain Name. These can be ordered at any time.

Note: Other Domain Name extensions may be ordered for your website (for example ‘.me’, ‘.website’, ‘.co’) but these will incur additional charges.

What is a Domain Name?

Many people upon starting a website get a little confused about terminology, but Domain Names are an easy one. In fact, if you’ve ever used the Internet at all, you should be all too familiar with Domain Names.

A Domain Name is a website address, or the first part of a URL. It’s simply the string of characters you type into your Internet Browser to access your favourite websites (“” for example).

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